What is the Crafty Kids Club?

We teach children ages 6-14 years old craft and sewing techniques to inspire their natural creative abilities and make all kinds of projects.

Children will be guided through the creative process from concept to execution for a wide variety of crafty pursuits tailored for their age group. We can teach them how to make toys, accessories, gifts, cards, party decorations, decorative home wares and ‘bling their things’ using all kinds of fabrics, wool, print mediums, paper, cardboard, recycled materials and found objects.

Our workshops are a fantastic opportunity for children to make something with their own hands giving them a sense of achievement and self-confidence. They’ll learn resourcefulness and will be inspired to apply their imaginations in a tactile sense in a world  today that can be too ‘screen-driven’ – where hands on creativity sometimes is not given the opportunity to develop.

Who knows… they may come home and teach you a thing or two!

We operate in the Sydney metropolitan area only within a 45 minute drive from the inner west.
Please contact us for details today!